Thursday, August 20, 2009

the social event of the season....

So after 13 years of chasing after and waiting on the woman of my dreams, Linda and I finally tied the knot on July 25th, 2009. I had originally thought the 13 year long courtship was painstakingly stressful, but that was nothing compared to the planning and executing of our wedding. I don't know how many times the topic of eloping to Vegas came up between me and Linda...but after all the headaches, all the planning, tasting, rehearsing, spending...the big day came out even better than we could have ever imagined. Who knew weddings could be so fun, especially when you're the ones getting married?

Towards the home stretch of the wedding planning, we were constantly bombarded with the warnings of "expect something to go wrong." I guess this advice was to help protect us so that we didn't set ourselves up with too high expectations or something or other. But I'm glad to say this warning completely went out the window the day of the wedding. With the exception of Bevmo delivering the booze almost 2 hours late for the reception, everything went to plan and worked out perfectly(although Bevmo being late wasn't necessarily a terrible thing, especially when we have friends and family who can care less if the beer is a little warm, as long as there's booze inside).

So you may ask the same question that I imagine every newlywed couple ponders after the dust has settled... Was it all worth it? Did the day live up to your expectations and be all it could be like the movie Iron Man, or did it crash, burn, and fail miserably like Transformers 1 and 2?

It was.

More pics of the wedding and honeymoon to be uploaded to facebook the meantime, here is a pretty damn snazzy slide show put together by our photographer, David Crane. Enjoy!

(Plug time... visit if you are interested in his work. I definitely recommend him)