Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clinton brought rhythm...

...now Obama has brought SOUL to the white house! C'mon, racial stereotyping aside, you have to admit most of our darker skinned brothers have that intangible "soul," otherwise why would Don Cornelius be hosting Soul Train so many years?

What's wrong with a little Isley Brothers blasting from the front lawn on a sleepy Sunday morning? Or some dubs on the presidential limo? Maybe that's what our country needs, a change of attitude, a change of pace.

One thing is for certain, it can only get better, or worse. And after W, chances are it is going to get better. A LOT better. It's like having a spelling bee, and you're stepping up to the mic right after the dyslexic kid finished. Like shooting fish in a barrel, or winnie the pooh scoring some honey.

It's gonna be easy. Easy like Sunday morning.......

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